Hailed as the original dune buggy company, Meyers Manx was established in 1964 when hot rod enthusiast, Bruce Meyers, decided to create a new fiberglass body style on top of a VW Beetle frame and engine. Since then, Manx has been the epitome of cool, with thousands of companies imitating their original look.

They wanted to do a site migration from Wordpress to Shopify and do a complete overhaul of the website's look and feel. We worked with their designer to create this beautiful editorial style layout that is both simple and efficient for customers. We also built a dune buggy configurator for them so that customers can order a complete dune buggy kit with options straight from the website. We are really thrilled with the results of this project!


The challenge of his project was to take an inherently complex product and create a simple format to purchase that product. For many years, Meyers Manx had a Word document for the client to download, fill out, and then send to them via email along with a down payment.

With the product configurator we created, customers can easily and efficiently order a dune buggy kit with 50+ available options and combinations.

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