Dr. Sara Hazel is a licensed naturopathic physician as well as Gi Gong and Yoga instructor and has been in family practice for over 20 years.

Dr. Hazel approached us to build a brand new site for her online holistic health academy hosted on Thinkific. Here, her students learn all sorts of different holistic health practices and can even schedule a retreat to Dr. Hazel's retreat center in Arizona.


This website build posed two amazing challenges right at the outset!

1. We needed to connect this Shopify store to Dr. Hazel's Thinkific account where she is building out all of her online courses for purchase.
2. We needed to find a way to allow customers to purchase consultation time and retreats through the website based on Dr. Hazels ever-changing schedule.

In order to tackle the scheduling issue we used an application called Sesami which allows you to set up a weekly schedule for customers purchase time within then we did some custom coding to make the app fit in with the rest of the site.

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